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Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I am loving today!

I have never done one of these things I love posts -- so today is a time to start! It all started because I wanted to show off my bright yellow nail polist. Sadly, it's not super bright in the pic. But I hope you enjoy a bit of what is going on in my life!

My nail polish -- and the signs to my craft room / office!

Iron-on Vinyl -- excited to start up my new business!

New crochet books (loving that I sold old textbooks to Amazon for store credit)

One finished blanket, which I love, and one almost finished blanket!

An almost completed Crochet Every Day pattern planning calendar -- not sure why it's crooked!

New dvds (more amazon credit! woo hoo!)

Orange Pumpkins

Red tomatoes

What I am hating today... this is the current temp in my house. Should I run the A/C? haha

What are you loving today? I would love to hear!


Claire Koenig said...

What I am loving today: that I don't live in the desert; fresh baked Cowboy Cookies; Little Claire's lemonade stand; clean bathrooms; staying in touch with FB friends; having a husband that loves to garden; no plans means I get to chill out at home.

krista said...

RUN YOUR AIR!!!! I don't know how you are surviving!!!!

What's the new business?

Megan said...

Mom - luck you not living in the desert! haha And next time lil Claire has a lemonade stand, take a picture for me! haha

Krista - I went to your parents house instead. hahaha And the new business is heat press vinyl t shirts and onesies. I'm pretty excited about it!

Jessica said...

LOL!! That was us before E...NEVER turning on the AC. Unfortunately, we have now joined the club to keep it at 77 here. Enjoy this freedom before kids!! ;)

And loving all the amazon purchases!! Yippie!

p.s. I'm loving my new gray peep-toe flats & Clearance cutie earrings from Old Navy!

Monique said...

You're starting up a business?!??!? Ohhh good idea :)

Also, I freak out when my house is 80ยบ!! Stockton gets so hot.... Phoenix isn't going to be much better.... haha.