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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flashback Saturday

So my friend Jessica, from the U of R, just sent me this picture circa 2005. It cracks me up. I am trying to figure out where it was. I know it was soph year, cuz that's when Laura and I did ballet (2nd semester). I still have that leotard, maybe not the shoes. I think the dorm is North, we were probably running around before class and showing off our sweet leotards. hahaha Why I only have one shoe on is beyond me. Mom - does this bring back any other flashbacks? Wanna scan and send me some old ballet pics (pretty please?)


Claire Koenig said...

Sure, honey. Next time I drag the scanner out of the closet, hook it up, plug it into the laundry room outlet, rip up the photo albums to take photos out ... I'll get right on it. Certainly by May.

Jessica said...

your mom is hilarious :)
that was my dorm room, forget what it was called, i think north is right-the one right across from the gym. anywho, second floor, my room. not sure why you were showing me your leotard, good thing you still have it as a married women wink wink!

Jessica said...

Oh. my. word! Love it! :) And I totally love the fact that you took a ballet class (just for the fun of it, I presume) during college!!

genevieve said...

Claire, I am holding you to that, May...
haha, if i were you I would retract that may statement when you think its safe, dragging out a scanner doesn't sound too enjoyable.
Oh Megan, you would only have one shoe, maybe you wore a high heel or flip flop with the other foot

Happy Together said...

Nice, lol :) I figured I would pop over and answer your questions here as well. Hope all is well! I check on you every now and then to see if anything is posted ;)

"Do you have a ravelry account?"
I do not. I need to look into it. I have seen people talk about it and all.

"Oh and do you know if anyone else has issues with the sytyc blog not loading / shutting down?"
Happens to me all the time! My computers even say it has a virus. I asked Missy about it once, but I never heard back from her about it (it was a rough week for her family with sickness though, so it's all good). Maybe I'll ask again? I think it's because there are a ton of things on there and blogger doesn't do too hot with very specialized blogs.