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Friday, November 5, 2010

Give Thanks Coasters

So I go from not posting in a very long time to three posts in a week --- all having to do with my shop.   I swear I'm not selling out to etsy.  I'm just very excited! hahaha  And I want to be able to call my hobby a business.  More on that in another post!

These coasters (there are 4 sets available) feature cute little Thanksgiving icons in squares.  There are little turkeys (both a straight shot and a sideview), pumpkins, acorns, grapes, corn, and sweet little kittens on top of pumpkins. 

I wrap each set of four with yarn and attach the tag.  I really think these would be a cute hostess gift for a seasonal party.  You could put them with a mug or a bag of coffee.

It was easy to think of a verse for this one.  We studied Psalm 118 as a part of our Beth Moore study earlier this year.  Just try reading the passage without singing... haha

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!  His faithful love endures forever."
Psalm 118:1 (New Living Translation)

If you want  your own set of Give Thanks Coasters, head on over to my etsy and pick them up.  Mention this blog and you will get a little something extra in your package :)

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