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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolutions / Goals

Ahhh 2010 is here. Then 10s... the teens? what are we going to call this era?

Anywho, I do not like resolutions, because they always get broken. But my wonderful husband has informed me that new years resolutions are a tradition in the Nadalet family (I asked him when that started, he said today). His included: going on walks, picking up after ourselves, folding laundry right after it gets out of the dryer. It's a week in and we've only gone on one walk, the kitchen is a DISASTER (the stove is still sparkly though, thanks to the Nadalet Srs), and there are 3 loads of clean laundry on the bedroom floor. And he asked why I don't make resolutions...

In any case, I do have a few things that I am going to work on this year:

1. Work out 3 times a week. Even if it is only 5 minutes on the Wii fit, it counts. It's all about baby steps. Sidenote, we got a Wii Fit and it's great!

2. Eat healthier. This is a pretty common theme in my life. I go from eating crap to eating healthy and back again. I get really sidetracked when life is busy. But a few trips to Trader Joes have left us stocked with lots of granola & yogurt, pineapple chips, popped potato chips, etc. I have a few recipes for granola bars that I'm going to try. I also got a recipe from Bobbi for Peanut Buttery Bars. They sound tasty. Having lots of stuff made in advance is the key to healthy eating. More water is also in this category. I like water, just need to remember to drink it!

3. Prioritize Matt. There are many ways that I want to better our relationship, including going on date nights and vacations. We plan to go on 2 date nights a month. This is important and it is sadly the first thing to go when life gets busy. Tonight is the first date night of the year... wonder what we will do? And vacation - we are going on 2 bigger vacations this year with my family (San Diego for Davis' grad and Hawaii for Thanksgiving), but we want to go on more vacations with just the 2 of us. Just little weekend adventures. I think lots of camping will happen. But we started an envelope and have $200 set aside for a nice weekend away next month - anyone have any good ideas?

4. Sell something on Etsy. I have a shop. I make stuff. Now I just need to actually list and sell it. I also need to figure out what I need to do tax wise. Good thing we have an appointment with our tax guy soon! Anyone have any advice on that?

5. Crochet Every Day. I won't necessarily be crocheting every day, but this is my new blog venture. I'm really excited about it, but really scared. 365 patterns / projects is a lot. And it is pretty much going to cut out most of my other crafting. So maybe push of #4 for a few years. hahaha Or just sell the items that I crochet (as long as it is okay with the pattern authors, I will not sell anything where the creators have asked us not to)

6. Use my camera more and get the pictures on the blog in a timely fashion :)


genevieve said...

how did you make the crotchet everyday link look like that in this post?
I am apparently not blog intelligent

Lisa:) said...

So how are you doing on those resolutions:)?

Jessica said...

These are great!! Hope they're going well! ;) I especially like #3 & 4