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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rainy days in Redlands

Last week brought around a very weird weather storm. There were tornadoes in Riversides, and flash flood warnings in Lake Elsinore. Not to mention snow in Yucaipa and hail all over Redlands. The thunder and lightening were amazing. On lightening bolt looked like it was going straight into Trader Joes!

This weather also came into our house. Apparently the leak in our roof was never fixed, or if it was, it was not fixed well. Friday morning we woke up to brown water in our light fixtures (the flat plastic kind that you find in schools), yeah. Not fun. We called maintenance and they came by... don't know what they did, but they came by. Then on Saturday the water was all over the counter, coming in through the cabinets. Lovely. They were supposed to look at it today. Matt has some pictures, so maybe I will post them later.

On other news, praise the Lord! We found our passports. We had not been able to find them since before I went to the Bay Area last week. We thought we put them in the safe at Matthew's parents house, but they were nowhere to be found. I finally started praying about it yesterday, and Matt's little lockbox thing came to mind. It's a little box that attaches around something (ie a bed leg) and you have to twist the combo to open it. That's where he kept my ring before he gave it to me. So when we got home, I found that, and there were the passports! It's amazing what happens when you slow down and listen to God. He wants to, and will, help us! Oh and I found a hundred dollar bill the day before, inside a book, while I was looking for the passports. We can now get the mattress topper that we want! yay! God is good.


Dean said...

I've been going through all my books tonight...I still haven't found any money! Dad

Anonymous said...

haha yeah for passports!